vShop 0.6.1 released

Posted by verdonv

Posted on 11:00, Wednesday, March 4

 vShop is a module for phpWebSite that provides a complete toolset for doing e-commerce with your site. This release is for phpWebSite 1.6.0 or better.

This is the second release of vShop. I am currently working towards support for product attributes, but it is taking longer than I thought, so I decided to release 1.6.1 in the interum. This version adds a few new features and fixes a couple of bugs. Please read the change log for details.

 The following is a partial list of features. Although there are still a number of features to be implimented, the module seems to be functioning well, and I would like to get some feedback. There will be a number of upgrades to this mod over the next couple months as feedback comes in and time allows.

* Maintain a catalog of departments and items 
* Optional inventory control 
* Multiple shipping calculation options 
* Modular payment methods options 
* Ships with Cheque/Money Order, PayPal, and SkipJack payment modules 
* Multiple tax rates and zones configurations 
* Supports optional secure checkout (depending on your needs)
For more information, please refer to the Read Me and Settings tabs upon installation and docs/ChangeLog.
Version 0.6.1 -- Mar 2009
+ back-ported the following fixes to 0.6.1
+ when saving an item, succes now returns with admin menu (thanks wendall)
+ fixed setting links var in navLinks function (thanks wendall)
+ fixed bug preventing add to cart when inventory was not being used
  and qty in stock is 0 (thanks wendall)
+ improved some error checking in post item function (thanks wendall)
Version 0.6.0 -- Dec 2008
+ added is_array checks to links() array_merge in dept and item class
+ added currency and symbol to checkout and confirmation screens
+ added ability to change an item's dept
+ added ability to set minimum shipping charge
+ added ability to have free shipping on orders over $xx.xx
+ added ability to change order status from within list view
+ added notifications to order status updates
Version 0.5.0 -- Aug-Nov 2008
+ Initial writing of mod