The following guide will explain Permissions and how to change permissions for users.

What is are permissions?

Permissions are located in the User Administration module (See the User Administration Guide to learn more). Permissions allow you to modify and change what specific users, user groups and/or all users are allowed to access, modify and create on your website. Permissions are divided between the different modules and each permission set will be explained at the bottom of the module's guide page.

How do you change user permissions?

To change user permissions, go to the Administration tab in your Control Panel and then click on the User Administration icon.

Once you are in the User Administration module, go to the Manage Users or Manage Groups tab and click on permissions. (Note: these permissions are for that specific user or group. If you want all users to have specific permissions, you will have to add them all to one user group.) Once on the Permission tab you will see a long list of options, divided up by each module they are for. Below are links to the guide for each module. Each module guide will explain which permissions can be set for it.

There are common selections for each modules permissions and these No access, Restricted and Unrestricted. If you select No access the user will not even be able to see the module when they go to their control panel. Restricted means they can see the module in their control panel, but unless you select options from the right they will not be able to modify anything, and even then they can only modify the options you have selected. The final selection is Unrestricted which will allow users to have full access to the module with few exceptions. Some options require you to select them even for unrestricted users.

Note: Some permissions can give users a great deal of control over aspects of your website, it is advised to make appropriate selections of who can have access to which controls.

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