The following guide will explain the function of the Photo Album module and how to use it.

What is the Photo Album?

The Photo Album is a module that allows you to upload and share photos on your website. You can quickly and easily organize your photos by creating new albums for different sets. You can even select to make entire albums private.

How do you use the Photo Album?

A note about Photo Album: Photo Album is an old module and does not take advantage of the recent updates to File Cabinet. An updated version is scheduled to be released in the near future that will make it even easier to make a photo album with File Cabinet.

To use the Photo Album, first go to the Content tab of your Control Panel. Once you are there, select the Photo Album icon.

Once you are in Photo Album, the first step is to create a new Album. Simply click on New Album.

Now that you are at the screen to create a new album, give your album a name. Then you can add a short description to say what will be in the photo album. Below that is the option to make the album visible or hidden. If you do not want others to see the pictures in this album set it to hidden. The final field for creating an album gives you space for a long description of the set of images you plan to add to your album. This field allows you to use the FCKEditor to better format your description. Note: Read more about the FCKEditor here. When you are done, simply select Save.

When you select Save and the next page loads, a box should pop up and inform you that the album was successfully saved.

Now that your album has been created you have several actions for editing and adding pictures. Also, you can select to arrange pictures by newest and oldest (by date/time added).

  • New Picture - This will allow you to add a new picture to your album. Note: More on this below.
  • Batch Add - This will allow you to add many pictures at once to your album. Note: More on this below.
  • List Albums - Selecting List Albums will bring up a list of all albums you have created.
  • Slide show - This will show you a slide show of all the pictures in your album.
  • Missing Descriptions - When you select Missing Descriptions, any photos you have added that have no description (short or full) will show up.
  • Settings - This allows you to change the name, descriptions, and if the album is visible or hidden.

To add a new picture, click on New Photo. Then, once you are on the next screen, you can add a photo by browsing your computer for the picture. Once you have selected it, you can add a short description and name it and add a description to add additional details to the image. You can also decide if the image itself should be visible or hidden. This means you can have either entire albums hidden or just select images in the albums. You will still be able to see the hidden images/albums but others will not. When you are finished, select Save.

To add more then one photo at once select Batch Add. Once you are at Batch Add, select the number of images you want to upload, between 1 and 10. Then you can add images much the same as with the New Photo feature, but with out the chance to add a full description right now. You can still give the photos a title and decide if they will be visible or hidden though. When you are finished, select Save.

You can now add and modify new albums and add more photos to each album.

To make a photo album accessible, use the Menu much like you would for adding a web page. When you are editing your Menu, visit the photo album and then click Add Link. For questions about the menu, visit the Menu Guide.


All modules have a set of permissions that can be set to allow a user/user group or users/user groups to have different access to each module. These options are available through the User Administration module and you can learn more about permissions in the Permissions Guide. The Photo Album module allows you to give users none, restricted or unrestricted permission. If users are given unrestricted permission, they will be able to have full access to the module the same as you do as the site administrator. If they are given no permission, they will not be able to modify the module. Restricted access will give them limited access to somethings and usually requires approval from an admin before their changes are accepted. You can also give the user(s) the ability to add/edit albums, add/edit photos, and/or delete albums/photos.

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